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Pro Division - - 4th Place: Ferguson - - Finley / 13 5 lbs Pro Division - - 6th Place: McCarley - - Hagood
Third place went to the Illinois team of Steve Hess and Dan Lutchka They weighed a a a a a bag of 13 83 pounds to earn $2 500 They added the $250 Talon Bonus to their earnings for being the highest placing team running a a a a Minn Kota Shallow Water Anchor They found their fish in in Fishing Creek targeting brush piles tin in 20 to 30 feet of water The team reported that the bite was so light you could hardly feel it it They used small jigs to get the bites by bouncing the the jig off o of the the brush Steve Ferguson and Frank Finley claimed the fourth spot with 13 5 5 pounds to earn $2 500 They also finished second fin in in the points race for an additional $3 000 Ferguson from Puryear TN and Finley from Kirksey KY found their fish around Pulaski County Park They fished both days in in Fishing creek pulling Jenko crankbaits The team pulled dark colors colors in in the morning and lighter colors colors after the sun rose higher They landed around 60 fish for the two-day event Fifth place went to the the father/son team of Kris and Terry Mann The Mt Sterling KY team weighed 13 44 pounds to earn $1 500 for fifth place and added $5 000 for winning the 2018 points race Team Mann move around to find their fish They targeted 5 different creeks during the weekend event Beaver and Otter Creeks were targeted on on day two They used the traditional one pole vertical jigging technique with B’n’M poles The team fished in 20 to 25 feet of water to land about 20 fish for the weekend Their biggest fish came from about 35 feet Pro Division - 5th Place: Team Mann / 13 44 lbs The team endured some boat problems when they blew a a a lower unit They were fortunate to to be able to to have another boat brought out Within ten minutes of being back on the water the the team had 4 more keepers in the the boat ” Creech and Stevens also reported a a a a a lot of boat traffic with the numerous tournaments that were going on They estimated as as many as as 300 boats on the lake and it could have influenced the bite The team team was one of the few teams who found fish shallow They used Bobby Garland jigs in Monkey Milk color under a a slip bobber to catch fish over structure on the the bank in in 2 to 5 feet of water Then after catching the the shallow fish they would let the the jig sink to to 10 to to 15 feet of water and target deeper fish in same structure They landed about 30 fish over the weekend 

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