Page 15 - Outdoor Journal | Winter 2018
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Team Mann’s best five events included two first places one one second place place one one fourth place place and one fifth place place finish That consistency is is the key to winning Angler Team of the Year the road to CUSA Angler of the year
by Ron Presley
The ATOY championship requires consistently beating the the the fish the the the other anglers and Mother Nature T T T he he he Angler Team of of the the Year (ATOY) is is not about a a single win but the journey It requires consistent performance under
all kinds of conditions In pursuing a a a goal like ATOY consistency wins over total numbers The champions are determined by their best five finishes during a a a a year
of tournament crappie fishing So in in the end it doesn’t matter how many tournaments are fished but how well anglers perform in their best five events Historically ATOY champs are longtime dedicated and determined anglers that love the challenge of competition They are on on a a a mission to succeed and everything they do adds something to to the the process They listen to to others who have been there before and they learn by their mistakes True champions are wiser at the the end of the the journey because they paid attention along the the way to achieving their goal The 2018 Angler Team of the Year is Terry and Kris Mann The accomplishment is is is a a a a a repeat for the the the father/son team who also won the the the points race in 2017 Terry at at 70 years old and Kris at at 41 live in in Mount Sterling KY They identify Cave Run Lake as their home waters but fish Green River and and Lake Cumberland dozens of times a a a a a year

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