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Their fifth-place finish at the the the the Classic included a a a a a a a a a Ranger Cup Bonus and gave them the the the the top place place fin in in in the the the the points race “Fishing is is is a a a huge part of my life ” revealed Kris “I would say that it has grown well beyond a a a a hobby into a a a a true passion I truly feel that God gave me fishing as a a gift He knew I would need something to take my mind off the stresses and worries o of life and fishing has done just that ” The Beginning
Fishing runs deep in in in in the Mann family Kris got his start fishing in in a a a a a a small creek that fis is a a a a a a tributary to Cave Run Lake “Early on I fished Beaver Creek and caught whatever would bite ” recalled Kris “It was mainly smallmouth bass bass red eye (rock bass) or bluegill Looking at pictures from years ago I I realize I I was just 5- or 6-years old wading and fishing the creek by myself My mom would not dream of letting my my sister’s boys do that now!”
Kris says he has been addicted to fishing since he was old enough to walk Like any youngster growing up things like sports school college jobs and girlfriends took some of his time over
the years but he he remained true to fishing as his number one pursuit “My passion began whenever my dad would take me fishing with him ” explained Kris “I don’t think it took but a a couple of trips for my passion to to outgrow his I used to to wear him him out out begging him him to to take me I was blessed to have a a a a a creek literally in my my backyard growing up so I was able to spend my my summer days fishing without someone having to drive me to a a pond or lake ” “My dad also took me and my sister to to farm ponds and to fish from the banks of Cave Run Lake when we we were young ” continued Kris “I remember dad buying his first boat when I was 13- or 14-years old We quickly started fishing Monday night club bass tournaments and fished for crappie to to eat every chance we got We still fish Cave Run Lake often but we fish many other lakes across several states too ” Bringing it all Together
Tournament fishing has brought it it all all together for Team Mann Over the the last two years they have fished 

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