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crappie tournaments on 15 different lakes/rivers in six different states “The things I like best come from tournament fishing ” said Kris “They include pitting our skills against the the fish and other anglers coping with nature and the elements a a a high
level competition and being alone with God The challenge of catching fish and being out in in in nature are two of the biggest draws for me I am a a a a a competitive person and and figuring out fish and and wildlife is the ultimate challenge I hope God blesses me to get to fish until the day He calls me me home ” “As stressful as tournaments can be at times fishing energizes me me ” offered Kris “It allows me me to focus on on just what’s in front of me and put my mind in in in neutral and the the world in in in the the background It also allows me to team up with my best friend who happens to be my dad We have made most of the greatest memories of our lives while fishing together The higher stakes involved in in in tournament fishing just adds another level to the the adventure of it all ” Priorities and and Consistency
The Journey for Kris and and and Terry had its ups and and and downs but in ttin the the end they prevailed by setting
priorities priorities and being consistent The priorities priorities “Ninety-nine percent of the the the time we single pole jig fish include knowing when fishing comes second and the the consistency involves sticking with their favorite and most productive style of fishing They love using their B’n’M Poles to single pole jig for crappie “The hardest part of all this for us is is trying to ensure we don’t let fishing take precedence over
serving the Lord ” said Kris “In today’s society there are so many things that that we can pursue that that tend to make us forget about spiritual matters Sports is is one of the things that can be a a a a distraction if we let it it Our relationship with God has eternal significance and although we we know God has allowed us to to fish for recreation and enjoyment we try to to keep things in in perspective Most Sundays we are not on the water unless it’s after church We also have many ministry commitments that we stick to even if it means fishing comes second ” “Single pole vertical jigging is our specialty ” claimed Kris “We prefer to fish shallow water when possible Minnows are are rarely ever in in our boat as we prefer to to to fish with jigs by a a factor of 10 to to to 1 1 over
minnows ” basically shoulder shoulder to shoulder shoulder on on the front deck of our boat ” explained Kris “If it was anyone other than dad I’d get claustrophobic But fishing that way has allowed us to develop a a a a rhythm on the water that can’t be explained I often feel like we have a a a a third man in in the boat! Without a a a a a a doubt our bond as father and and son and and best friends has helped us experience success ” “The things that were were consistent were were God’s blessing hard work Humminbird electronics Crappie Magnets and B’n’M Poles In every single tournament those were at the forefront of our success There are Sacrifices
No one would argue that obtaining Angler Team of the Year requires sacrifices The costs are likely to be transactional financial or just plain physical Sleep and money are two huge sacrifices that tournament anglers make “One sacrifice is the way I have to use leave time at work work ” explained Kris “Dad is is retired but I work work a a a a full-time job as Deputy Commissioner of of KY’s Dept of of Juvenile Justice That is a a a a a demanding job and and I have 

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