Page 18 - Outdoor Journal | Winter 2018
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to to to to work very hard to to to to get ahead enough to to to to be able to to to to take time off ”
It is is not uncommon for Kris to take work-related calls while on the water with a a a a rod in his hand So he he really doesn’t get away completely from work “Basically all all my leave time is fis used for fishing and one mission trip each year ”
clarified Kris “Although there is no place I’d rather be as most tournament tournament fishermen can attest to to to tournament tournament fishing fis is not relaxing per se It takes a a a toll on your body and bank account over time ”
Kris makes the point that most folks take vacations to places where they can rest and relax But tournament anglers go to to places where quality sleep and rest are almost unheard of Anyone working a a a a a regular job has to to maximize any time they can get to to spend on the water “In a a a normal year we will spend 45-plus Saturdays from daylight until dark on the water ”
calculated Kris “No matter what the the weather That means if the lake is three or four hours away we may have to leave at 3:00 a a a a a a m m m and not get home

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