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until 10:00 p m m or later And oftentimes during tourney season we will fish in in the evenings after work to stay tuned up If it’s 25 degrees out and the water isn’t frozen yet we’re there If it’s raining and not lightning we’re we’re there there If it’s 95 degrees and humid we’re we’re there there ”
As anyone can imagine all that running takes its toll on on equipment too Continuous use will wear out anything and that’s the the best reason in in the the world to get quality equipment to begin with “Although Ranger builds the the best boat on the the water our 2015 RT 188 looks like it’s 20 20 years old”
Kris and Terry are shown hear on the the the final day of of the the the 2018 Classic with some of of their fifth-place fish joked Kris “We haul that boat all over the country and and fish it in some gnarly places and and conditions Between our truck boat and fishing equipment we spend a a a considerable amount of money on on preventative maintenance and repairs Add in the cost of fuel hotels food licenses and and other expenses and and you can see that this is is not a a “get rich” venture ”
No team has ever won a a a a a points race without having good working relations in in in the boat That includes both emotional and physical relationships “Dad and I think that our father/son relationship is one of our greatest assets ”
confirmed Kris “We both have our roles Although we can be interchangeable if needed we can focus on what each of us us does best knowing that the the other is going to take care of their role Dad is the the maintenance guy He keeps the truck and and boat in repair and and manages the the equipment He is also one of the the best jig fishermen out there ”
“I am the logistics/electronics guy ”
continued Kris “I determine where we stay where we fish and captain the boat Dad defers to to me on on where to to fish and we don’t argue over that He lets me use my instincts to read bodies of water and even when he he may not want to fish a a a a a certain area or style he ultimately trusts me to make the call That is huge because I can fish with confidence knowing my partner isn’t second guessing my moves That comes from a a bond of trust that we have developed over 41 years of being each other’s shadow!”
“We often wonder about how other teams get along on on the boat ”
revealed Kris “We are blessed not to disagree much on tournament days and arguing over finances is never an issue for us We don’t make a a a a big deal about the cost or any winnings one of us us just pays it it and it it works out I know that has to get a a a little hairy for other teams sometimes ”

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