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Crappie USA Operations Manager Darrell Van Vactor Interviewed Team Mann at at at the the awards banquet on on their winning strategies “My dad is my hero for so so many reasons ” offered Kris “He is is is just plain tough! But he is is is a a a a a very humble and gentle man too He has a a a a a great grasp on what is important in life and I am truly one of the most blessed men alive to have such a a a close relationship with him ” sponsors
“We want to to continue to to grow as representatives for our sponsors
” offered Kris “Crappie Magnet deserves the best representation we can give them because they have been great to us and their products are top of the line!”
“After the Classic this year we we were blessed to to receive an invitation to to fish with B’n’M Poles as Pro Staff We want to represent them the the the very best that we can because they are the the premier sponsorship in the the crappie fishing world today They have the best poles out there B’n’M has been supporting anglers and tournament trails for decades and their Pro Staffers are undoubtedly some of the the greatest anglers and ambassadors the the sport has known Although we don’t belong among such prestigious company we have been true to B’n’M Poles since day one and we hope to make them proud ” final Thoughts
“Our goals for the future are to keep improving as men and fishermen ” declared Kris “We want to win a a a a a Classic so bad we can taste it!”
Kris and and Terry understand just how difficult it is is to win the points championship There is not much room for error because the competition is as as good as as ti it it gets Having won ti it it in in 2018 they are challenged to do it again “We know everything has to be hitting on all cylinders for anyone to win the points championship ” recognized Kris “We would love to accomplish that again next year but we realize that is becoming a a a a a a more difficult task each year It is awesome to see all the teams getting better better and better better each season Ultimately we just want to fish our best ” Looking back at the the season Kris identified the the Cave Run Lake Super Event as the most satisfying As many anglers know winning on your home lake can be be hard because you you have almost too much history to to to call upon It was their home lake and the win served to celebrate a a a a a a culmination of years of hard work Terry’s favorite was the win on Carlyle Lake in in in Illinois He thought they they were crazy for going up there when they they didn’t know the lake It worked out with God’s help and that win allowed them to take the the the lead for the the the points championship “When all is said and done at the the end of the the day our main goal is to to reflect the love of Jesus to to all those we come in in contact with ” concluded Kris “We want to be ambassadors for Christ ” 

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