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Texas Team wins Cabela’s King Kat at at Tell City IN Jerry Ishcomer Ishcomer Noah Ishcomer Ishcomer and Carey Cox drove 1 1 100 miles to to claim the top spot in the Ohio River event Catfish anglers from ten states travelled to to the the the the Ohio River for a a a a a Cabela’s King Kat Tournament Trail event Forty-three teams gathered at at Tell City Indiana to test their catfishing skills against other anglers and Mother Nature Anglers were allowed to fish the Ohio River from the the McAlpine Lock Lock & Dam South to the the Newburgh Lock Lock & Dam Competitors were vying for $10 800 in in cash and prizes and an an opportunity to qualify for the $110 000 Classic Championship to be be held September 14 and 15 2018 on on the Ohio River at Jeffersonville Indiana Catfish anglers a at Tell City had to deal with extremely warm conditions Tournament director Jeremy Coe described the the weather as Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot! The temperatures were in the mid-90s with very high humidity and light winds The river current was light going into the tournament but picked up some on tournament day Results for the the Top Teams
There were miles in in the the the making of the the the Cabela’s Tell City Indiana champs Jerry Ishcomer Ishcomer Noah Ishcomer Ishcomer and Carey Cox drove 1 1 100 miles from their home in Texas to to claim the top prize The Ishcomers from Jasper TX TX and Cox from Orange TX TX weighed in 99 10 pounds and earned $4 200 for ffor their efforts “It was a a a a a great day on the Ohio River ” stated Jerry Ishcomer “We pre-fished three days prior to the tournament That allowed us to to find the fish that we we wanted to to to fish on tournament day They were in 30 to to to 50 feet of water ” 1st Place Winners: Jerry & Noah Ishcomer Cox / 99 10 lbs 2nd Place Winners: Han - Tutorow / 93 5 lbs 3rd Place Winners: Edwards - Kerns / 84 05 lbs 

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