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6th Place Winners: Conaway - Souders / 61 06 lbs 7th Place Winners: Lane & Tim Spencer / 57 72 lbs Fifth place and and Big Kat went to Mike and and Jackson Mitchell Mitchell and Rick Sexton The Mitchells traveled from from Grant AL and Sexton came from from Helenwood TN They weighed 77 88 pounds which included the Big Kat of 50 80 pounds Their five fish bag earned them $550 for for fifth-place and $860 for for Big Kat The AL/TN team fished in the Derby IN area of the Ohio River They were targeting underwater trees and and logs hung on the ledge and and small humps and holes They had the the same tough bite as the the rest of the the field catching only 5 fish on on the the day They used skipjack for bait “We were suspend drifting and bumping ” reported Mitchell “The big fish was caught early and we really struggled after that to get our limit We only caught five fish with two of those being flatheads in the the 7- to 10-pound range All of our fish were caught on cut skipjack ” “I want to thank my sponsors for helping me do do what I do do ” concluded Mitchell “They provide the best gear Thank you Team Catfish Tackle Big Cat Fever Rods Slime Line Monster Rod Rod Holders Foley Spoons and TTI Blakemore ” 14th Place Winners: Conner & Wayne King
9th Place Winners: Halcomes - Mitchner
24th Place Winners: David & Chris Robinson

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