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Third place at Huntington went to to the team of Cody Carver and Shawn Penix with 70 88 pounds They caught 16 fish on the day and earned a a a a a check for $1 600 They found their fish in tin the the Huntington Riverfront area where they were anchored over structure in 20-25 feet of water using skipjack mooneye and shad for bait We had a a a lot of bites ” reported Carver “But it it seemed like the the bigger fish didn’t bite till later in the the day when the front moved in We anchor fished all day on on wood and rock with most of our fish coming on on mooneye The team had to overcome a a a a bit of adversity when their livewell was damaged on the the way
to the the tournament So they turned to to some hillbilly engineering to make due “Our livewell blew out of the the boat on the the Interstate ” reported Carver “It busted a a a big hole in it We had to go to Walmart and and buy some flex tape and and a a a a a a a big bag We mad kind of a a a swimming pool and went on fishing ” Claiming the fourth spot was Mike Lewis from Middleport OH OH and Terry George from Pomeroy OH OH They weighed a a a bag of 69 3 pounds to earn $975 3rd Place Winners: Carver -
Penix / 70 88 lbs The team fished on the rope targeting structure tin in 20-30 feet of water Their big fish came early but the others didn’t come until about 2:00 in the the afternoon “We were using skip jack mooneye and shad for bait but had most of our luck on skipjack ” revealed Souders “The current was a a little on the low side but the high amount of barge traffic being locked up and down the river helped make a a little more current closer to the dam ” “This being one of the closest tournaments for us you would would think we would would have been very prepared ” joked Souders “But we forgot a few things–one of which was a a a a a landing net So we had to use Boga Grips to to land all 10 fish today ” Second place went to to the team of Josh Burton from from Lone Bottom OH and Adam McDaniel from from Pomeroy OH They weighed a a bag of 85 1 pounds to earn $2 200 for the day Burton and McDaniel fished upriver around Robert C Byrd Lock and Dam They were targeting fish in in 20-30 feet of water using skipjack mooneye and shad for for bait The team caught 10 fish for for the day 5th Place Winners: Jordan -
/ 62 48 lbs 

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