Page 39 - Outdoor Journal | Winter 2018
P. 39

IF BIGGER IS IS BETTER THEN BIGGEST IS IS BEST NEW SOLIXTMSERIES: EVERY INNOVATION ON ON OUR LARGEST SCREEN EVER EVER It’s It’s more than than a a a a a a a a conversation piece Bigger than than a a a a a a a a bragging right It’s It’s about pushing every limit to find out out what’s below the the surface in in in order to catch more fish Enter the the SOLIX Series It has every Humminbird® innovation from MEGA ImagingTM Cross TouchTM Interface and and AutoChart® Live to to to Ethernet networking and and Bluetooth® connectivity And it’s all brought to life on a a a a a a massive 12" or or or 15" display—our largest ever Because more more is is definitely more more humminbird com/SOLIX

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