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Message froM darrell
The entire Crappie Crappie USA USA family is tis is is saddened and and and and and qualified for for the the the the Classic Classic that year year Winter 2018 today with the passing of Larry Clark our
friend and advertising specialist for many years with both Crappie USA and Cabela’s King Kat Trail For over 10 years most of my mornings began with a a a a a cup of o coffee and a a a a a phone conversation with Larry We talked fishing politics and weather but always took a a a few minutes to to discuss ways we could bring an event to to a a a a a a new area Ways to to improve the trails and similar ideas about making competitive crappie and cat fishing better for everyone Since 1984 Larry was dedicated to the crappie tournament scene He fished the very first Crappiethon
and every Classic since He was a a a a strong competitor and yet was also the best guy on the scene if you needed assistance in some way during the event Larry was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer just 6 short weeks ago and even after being handed such horrible news he went home and started working on getting the 2019 season of tournaments wrapped up where all would be in order That is just the kind of guy Larry was since I had the pleasure of knowing and working with him Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shelly Ryan and the entire family Larry will be sadly missed but certainly not forgotten by us all As we close out the year and prepare for the 2019 season to begin I encourage all the Crappie USA and King Kat families to take time to reflect on our
blessings in in and out of the fishing world and thank our
sponsors anglers and all who make our
passion a a a a a a reality No one one succeeds alone and I am thankful to to you all all for allowing me to to be a a a a part of your lives for all these years Good Fishin’ Darrell

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