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Young and Pierce made a a a long run to find their winning fish They ran south out out of Helena for more than an an hour where they targeted fish in in 70 feet of water They were using B’n’M Bumping Rods on ledges to put huge weights in in the the boat each day They were using the the old reliable skipjack for bait Austin was credited with catching the teams four big fish Austin did a a little prefishing with his dad Carson Pierce and Hugh Thompson They made a a 17 mile run upriver They no more than got baited up before having trolling motor issues They spent a a few hours trying to find another remote without success They finally took the remote apart and found it full of water They dried it it out and it it began to work again Once they they started fishing again they they caught 3 fish fish that weighed about 70 pounds so they decided that is fis where they would fish on Friday “Come Friday morning I told George on the the way to the the ramp that I was gonna’ catch a a a a a a a 70 pounder on the first drift ” said Austin “We drifted about a a a a a mile and George had caught five fish fish He hooked up on a a 6th fish fish and I could tell it was a a a better fish than the the others Then my first fish hit Those two weighed 34 and 54 pounds We culled a few more fish throughout the day day on Friday We went back to where we we were that morning and I hooked my second fish over 50 pounds pounds That put us at at 190 pounds pounds so we we headed for the weigh-in ” Saturday started off well for George and Austin who continued to put nice fish tin tin in the boat The bite was on and the team caught more than 60 fish for the weekend “I started out with with a a a a 24 and a a a a 36 within the first 10 minutes ” reported Austin “We caught a a lot of fish in the 25-pound range and wound up with 144 pounds on on the second day Our big fish from the the day before held up until the the last fish pulled out at the tournament ” The team credited the new Excel 230 Storm Cat for the fish care it it it provided with its livewell They also praised the Storm Cat for its stability and ride “The new Storm Cat 230 by Excel Boats performed great this weekend from the livewell to the ride There is is no better catfish boat on the market today!”
2nd Place Winners: Morris - Parsons / 278 64 lbs 3rd Place Winners: Jason & Daryl Masingale / 270 28 lbs 4th Place Winners: Sweat - Harkness / 264 76 lbs 

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