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5th Place Winners: Thompson - Pierce / 264 08 lbs Second place in the weekend event went to Carl Morris Jr and Robert A Parsons The Ohio team made a a a a a move from 5th place on on day one to claim the runner-up spot with 165 pounds on Saturday that drove their two-day weight to 278 64 pounds and earn them $1 450 00 Morris and Parsons fished about 25 miles south of Helena They used skipjack from Big Kat Bait Company to to land more than 25 fish for the tournament Their biggest fish was about 50 pounds “The weather was a a a little rough with thunderstorms hitting us hard both mornings ” reported Morris “But the fish fish didn’t mind We fished from 60 to 80 feet deep both days We found the fish on on the the rocks Friday but they moved downriver on on Saturday and were laying in in the mud ” The second-place finish had life-changing consequences for Parsons He had shaved his beard to see if it it would change up his luck Maybe it it did but more importantly his wife told him that if if he got 3rd place or better–the beard stays off! Looks like he he will be clean shaving for a a a while Third place went to Daryl and Jason Masingale They moved up from 4th place on on day one to earn the the third spot They added to their day one weight of of 114 26 pounds to to claim a a a a two-day total of of 270 28 pounds and earn $1 000 The team bumped using skipjack for bait to land nine fish on on day one and and 15 fish fish on day two They found their fish fish around 20 miles north of Helena “We were able to go down the weekend prior and do some looking ” stated Jason “We weren’t able to do much fishing but we did find several spots that we liked On day one the storms and lightning made things interesting for most of the day The fish bit early for us on on day one We targeting rock and some wood in approximately 45 to 50 feet depths ” 6th Place Winners: Jerry & & Noah Ishcomer & & Wallace Sams / 221 08 lbs 7th Place Winners: Zed Moore Moore & Josh Moore Moore / 212 20 lbs “On day two the the the weather was much better but the the the fish did not want to cooperate ” added Daryl “The bite for us and several of o the the other fisherman was off Everyone reported fish not taking the bait and spitting it i it quickly By 1:00 pm we we had five fish that went about 30 pounds They finally turned on and we we were able to put some quality fish in in the the boat during the the last two hours ” The team concluded by congratulating George Young Jr and Austin Pierce saying they showed what that area of of the Mississippi River is is is capable of of They also gave credit to their sponsors They said the the new SeaArk ProCat 240 was a a a a a dream to fish out of They thanked SeaArk Boats Team Catfish Catfish Tangling with Catfish Catfish Rods and Monster Rod Holders for their support Fourth place at Helena went to the B’n’M Poles team of Roy Harkness and Don Sweat The Tennessee team had a a a a a two-day total weight of 264 76 pounds They drifted both days in in two mph current using skipjack as bait “We prefished the last two Saturdays ” reported Harkness “We were mainly just looking for fishable water and trying to learn the area We marked some fish on on sonar and and side imaging and and found enough area 

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