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9th Place Winner: Shipman - Ligon / 186 18 18 lbs to produce for two days of fishing The first morning we we were traveling to our first location and and ran into a a a a a storm We had to to to pull over and and wait out the lightning ”
“On our first drift we put five catfish in the the boat with the the first fish weighing around 40 pounds ”
continued Harkness “We caught several more in that area but just couldn’t get another big bite so we moved to our other other areas and caught several more We decided to to move to to where we might get a a big one and caught one close to 50 We marked several more and decided to leave them for day-two ”
“We started day-two by fishing through a a a very heavy storm reported Harkness “But we did put several fish in the the boat with the the first one being another 40 We were catching fish pretty consistently ”
When Harkness and Sweat began their next drift they started having electrical issues The bilge pump was not working and the fuel gauge was indicating that they were running out out of gas At 11:00 am they had about 120 pounds in the livewell and were headed back towards Helena running slow and easy because they had no idea what was going on “We stopped to to check on the boat halfway back ”
offered Harkness “A workboat
12th Place Winners
on on the river stopped to to check on on us us They gave us us some gas and the fuel gauge went backward A little while later i it started working and we we were fine We started fishing again but never got a a a a a a big bite and it it was too late to to run back to to where we had found our fish ”
“We had a a a a a a great day against some of the best catfishermen around ”
concluded Harkness “We are very thankful that we we get to to do what we we love Congratulations to to everyone that fished the tournament There are a a a a a lot of great people involved in in this sport ”
Rounding out the the top five was the the team of Hugh Thompson and Carson Pierce They were less than a a a a pound behind Harkness and Sweat with 264 08 pounds “We barely had time to prefish ”
offered Thompson “But Carson had already done plenty prior to to the tournament “We just went out and enjoyed our fishing time Saturday it stormed

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