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4th Place Winners: Noah Jerry & Hannah Ishcomer / 153 63 lbs The Covington KY team earned a a a a first-place check for $4 600 and added the Driftmaster Rod Holder bonus of $350 Team Cress fished downriver from Paducah towards the the Olmstead Dam on the the Ohio River They targeted fish in 20 to 40 feet of water They were suspend drifting with the new B’n’M prototype rods that will be on on the market soon “The current slowed on Friday from what it was during prefishing ” reported Scott “Because of the slower current we we we had to find new fish We were lucky enough to get the right bites suspend fishing in in 2 0 mph current ” “On day two the water dropped about a a a a foot overnight ” continued Scott “The wind rose as the day went on We got three good bites early before the waves really picked up Then we found a a a a spot to catch a a a a couple small fish to to fill the limit and decided to to head for the the the scales and let the the the chips fall where they may ” The team landed nine fish on the first day flowed by only five on on windy day two They used small chunks of skipjack for bait Second place went to the Georgia team of Lonnie and and Donnie Fountain Lonnie from Ranger GA and and Donnie from Jasper GA had a a a a two-day weight of 182 19 pounds to earn $2 200 When the the team of brothers arrived at Paducah they were not no sure where to fish but had noticed several boats straight across the the river from the the boat boat ramp They spot-locked on on on day one to catch 15 fish on on on skipjack The wind made it more difficult on day two when they managed nine fish “We headed in that direction to try our luck ” said Donnie “We figured with that that many folks fishing that that 5th Place Winners: Kerns - Edwards / 150 09 lbs 7th Place Winners: Souders - Conaway / 143 09 lbs area they must know something We caught our first fish fish within about 20 minutes and caught fish fish pretty much all day in in the rain We had two good fish but knew we needed a a a big fish We had a a a huge one hooked at about two o’clock He came plum up to the boat where he he came off and swam away ” With 107 pounds on on day one and setting ttin in third place the the twin brothers were encouraged to go back to the same area “On day two we we went back to the same area tried again ” continued Donnie “The bite was slow all day long It wasn’t raining any but it i was was a a a a a a little windy It wasn’t bad enough where we we were fishing to effect our fishing but it was hot ” The team found their five fish limit by 11:00 am am but it only included one good fish and they they knew they they needed another one “We had a a a a good one on on about two o’clock ” said Donnie “We had to pry the the rod rod from the the rod rod holder He stayed on on about one minute and came loose without ever getting him off the the bottom o of the the river ” 

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