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10th Place Winners: Conner Wayne & Jennifer King / 128 05 lbs “We ended up with 76 pounds on on the second day and a a a two-day total of 182 pounds to to put us in second place But we lost two grown ones both days around two o’clock ” lamented Donnie “We were lucky to have won second place but we are very blessed to to have been able to to come out out here and enjoy all of the Lord’s great outdoors ” echoed Team Fountain Filling the third-place spot at Paducah was Carl Morris Jr from Johnstown OH and clean shaving Robert A Parsons from Mr Vernon OH They had a a a a two-day weight of 172 35 pounds to earn a a check for $1 600 “We had a a a a great first day with everything working right ” reported Morris “There was decent current and the the the rain didn’t bother the the the fish at all We caught our first-day fish suspending in in 25-37 feet of water ” Day two was a a a little tougher bite most likely caused by the high winds and slower current The team continued to fish upriver from Paducah using skipjack for bait while suspending over structure “Saturday the the current was softer and the the wind picked up making it tough to to stay on the fish ” said Morris “We just could not get the big bite We We managed six fish all suspended ” “We got another top 3 finish ” offered Morris “Now Rob has to keep the beard off The deal with his wife is is that if if we finish 3rd or better the beard has to stay off If our calculations are correct we should gain the the lead back in Angler of the the Year ” “We would also like to thank my wife Amanda for taking care of us and making sure we are are always ready to to to head to to to the next tournament ” concluded Morris “Also a a a big thank you to to our sponsors Fatboy Custom Rods and Monster Rod Rod Holders ” Jerry Noah and Hannah Ishcomer claimed the fourth spot at Paducah They weighed a a a a a a two-day total of 153 63 to earn $725 11th Place Winners: Tom & Ken Luttrell
Paul Petrowski Sr with a a nice blue
“Prefishing was good ” according to Jerry “We tried three places and and decided that below Lock and and Dam 52 was where we we were going to fish both days of the tournament There was no shortage of fish caught ” The Jasper Tx team said the rain on Friday did not make any difference in the bite They caught 72 pounds on the the first day to land them in eighth place They reported a a a good bite on day two catching multiple fish again in in in the same area Their weigh-in fish went 82 pounds “We bumped hard both days below the dam ” offered Jerry “We were targeting 30 to 50 feet o of water using skipjack for bait The bite was consistent for us both days The last part of the the second day day the the wind got up and was making things difficult but we stayed with it it and pulled out 81pounds for day two and a a a a a total weight of 153 for a a a a a fourth-place finish ” “If it it wasn’t for Jesus none of it it would be possible ” concluded Jerry “As always he he is the one who produces for me ” 

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