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Serious trophy catfish catfish anglers agree agree that that that rods reels and and line are basic and and important parts of their catfishing arsenals but they also agree that there are a a a a a a few necessary
add-ons that any angler can use to improve their success and achieve peak efficiency on the water Anglers that use boats to chase down the big cats have learned by trial and and error what works and and what doesn’t Brand names may differ between anglers but there are are several products that are are commonly used by successful big cat anglers Observations a at a catfish tournaments are a a a a a a good way to identify the products that successful anglers are using on their boats Usually they make their choices by asking other anglers what they use or or simply by trial and error Once they have tried the the products and made their choices they don’t tend to change easily There are a a a a a a few that almost every tournament angler has on their boat Trolling Motor/Sonar
The most important piece of equipment after the boat and and the the rods and and reels may be the the trolling motor and the sonar which are often linked The trolling motor can add power when there is not enough wind or current to drift it can help navigate and obtain the right position for precision anchoring and the Spot- Lock feature can hold anglers on the fish When a a trolling motor is paired with modern sonar it can be programmed to to follow contour lines on a a a a map Trial and error will determine the proper depth to to to fish and the trolling motor can be set to to to appropriate contours This technique is is used for drifting/dragging as as well as as suspend fishing Trolling motors can improve your precision anchoring as well When submerged timber deep holes or or other structure are found a a trolling motor in conjunction with a a a a chart can move the boat to the proper spot to anchor No guessing needed Just tie on your favorite rig bait up and put it it it in the strike zone Big fish often congregate on on deep timber that is thick and hard to drift or drag because of frequent snags and hang-ups Spot-Lock can be used to position the the the boat away from the the the timber so the the the fish can be drawn out to the bait This technique requires setting up outside the timber in deep water maybe 100 to 150 feet up current A Carolina rig will do the trick as terminal tackle Simply slide a a a 2-ounce egg sinker up the main line before tying on a a a a barrel swivel Add a a a a 2-foot leader and and a a a a a 7/0 Daiichi Hook Bait up and and let the rig down until it it hits bottom and reel up about 3 or 4 cranks on the reel Keep an an eye on the fish finder screen for any sign that the the fish have moved up or down in the the water column and adjust accordingly The current will stream the the scent from bloody baits back towards the the timber and the the catfish catfish The catfish catfish given their extraordinary senses of taste and smell will get a a a fix on the scent trail and follow it out of the timber The electronic anchor will hold the boat within about 5 feet of where the Spot-Lock was engaged Under normal conditions once the scent gets going i it is fis only a a a matter of time until the fish start coming out 

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