Page 53 - Outdoor Journal | Winter 2018
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Justin Cook and and Gary Ryan depend on their Driftmaster Rod Holders to to to withstand that initial big cat bite They took top honors at at at at Cabela’s King Kat 2018 Championship There are plenty of stories about fish that simply destroyed the rod holder on that initial bite That is the fault of an inferior rod holder There are also stories about quality rod holders being ripped from their mounted position That is the the fault of a a a a a sloppy installation The time taken to install rod holders properly and securely is well worth the effort when that trophy cat comes to the bait Rod holders that have more than one position are probably the best value for most anglers Driftmaster makes a a a a a dual position rod holder that includes a a a a zero (horizontal) angle and a a a a 30-degree angle position The horizontal angle is normally used for suspending baits and the 30-degree position can be used for anchoring or or drifting/dragging presentations They can be purchased with 4-inch or 10- inch vertical stems to accommodate personal preferences and boat requirements for height If the the fish are caught in in in open water instead of in in in the the timber the the angler has a a a a chance of winning the the fight instead of o breaking off and losing a a a a trophy fish Rod Holders Anyone who has caught 50-pound catfish and heavier know that they will tear up equipment in a a a a a heartbeat The rod holder needs to handle that powerful initial bite that comes from a a a a a trophy cat It is not unusual to have the the rod double over with the the tip and several guides in the water on a a big fish That possibility of a a a a monster fish means that the first requirement of a a rod holder is strength and durability Secondly rod holders that accommodate different kinds of fishing are a a a plus but specialized rod holders have their place as well A strong installation should not be overlooked Big nets and big bait are not unusual in in in catfish catfish boats They both result in in in trophy catfish catfish in in in the boat boat 

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