Page 54 - Outdoor Journal | Winter 2018
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Jeff Dodd Dodd and Roy Harkness claimed Big Kat Kat honors with a a a a a a a a a a a 71 30-pound trophy cat at at at at the the the 2018 King Kat Kat Classic They are shown here moving the the the the big fish from the the the the 80-gallon livewell on on on Dodd’s Excel StormCat 230 to to the weigh-in tub Lake fishing catfish anglers often place rod holders all around the the perimeter of the the boat This setup allows bottom or drift fishing in in any any direction I have seen boats with as many as 16 to 20 individual rod holders around the boat The result is a a a placement of rod holders that will adapt to almost any possible fishing scenario More or or fewer holders can be added to serve the individual angler’s preference Whether you are stationary or drifting a a a a horizontal rod rod angle allows the rod rod to be more sensitive Live bait is presented more naturally and cut bait does not bounce as as much as as it it would with the stiffer action of an elevated rod The lower rod angle also allows more room for a hook set River fishing usually involves current In this case anglers are normally fishing out the back of the boat or a a a a least in only one direction They often prefer some type o of rod rack rack An efficient rack rack will hold all of your rods so they are spaced for an optimum spread spread The spread spread is what cuts down on tangles caused by the the the current moving the the the baits closer together Another good feature of a a a rod holder is removability when not in use For example many catfish anglers end up catching their own bait from time time to time time If the the rod holders are easily removed it it makes it it easier to cast net for for bait Or maybe you just want to use the boat for for a a a a a family outing and don’t want extra accessories tin in the way An easy to remove rod holder improves the boat’s efficiency when used for purposes other than catfishing Landing Nets and and Slings
There is fis no need for a a dip net on smaller fish unless you just don’t want to risk losing an an eater at at at the boat But when it comes to trophy fish a a a big landing net fis is a a a must The huge fish don’t come on on every trip but when they 

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