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Pro Division
- - 2rd Place With their Big Fish: Creech - - Stevens / 1 87 lbs early fish fish in shallow water and caught 30 to 40 fish fish for the weekend “We found our fish in in the main lake ” reported Garland “The fish have not moved into the creeks yet except for small small ones We were targeting
small small cuts or or indentations along the shoreline It might be 20 to 30 feet where the boat was setting but we were casting to water that was only 5 or 6 feet deep ” “We were just casting jigs ” continued Garland “We would cast and retrieve with most fish coming early before the the sun sun got too high When the the sun sun comes up they go deep ” “Fishing was good ” added Turpen
“We just tried to stay in in the the shade We had had a a a a little lull in in the the bite between 10:00 o’clock o’clock and 1:00 o’clock o’clock each day but managed to upgrade a a a a a few during the the rest of the the day ” “We just use two baits ” added Turpen
“Green and white plastic tails from Teezur Jigs Ben uses green and I use white The crappie has two choices all the time ” “We are just local boys that enjoy fishing ” concluded Garland “It feels great to win but that is just a a a bonus Being out on
the lake being healthy enough to fish feeling good taking your grandson with you the win is just a bonus ” Garland’s grandson Nolan earned them the the top adult/youth team with a a a youngster under 16 in the boat award award The Pro Division
award award was a a a a a a a $500 scholarship The Ranger boat package is a a a a a a 518VS Fiberlglass boat It’s rigged with a a 150 HP Mercury Motor Minn Minn Kota Kota Fortrex trolling motor Minn Minn Kota Kota on
board charger 10-foot Minn Kota Talon Helix 7 Humminbird Locator Driftmaster Rod Holder set up and an an an X-treme Bait Tank Pro Division
- - 3rd Place with their Talon Bonus: Hess - - Lutcka / 13 83 lbs Pro Division
- - 3rd Place: Hess - - Lutcka / 13 83 lbs Second place went to the team of Chris Creech form Eubank KY KY and Rodney Stevens from Somerset KY KY They led the competition after day day one After two days of fishing they had 14 57 pounds to claim the the runner up spot and earn $7 000 They added $420 for second big fish of the competition They had also led Big Fish on
day one Creech and Stevens moved around targeting
fish in in in different locations They found fish in in in Fishing Creek Pittman Creek and on
the main lake “Day one started off slow ” reported Creech “We were afraid we we we would lose the fish we we we had found when the the sun got higher but the the bite picked up We actually found some of our better fish around noon It was surprising with the sun coming up that bright but worked out well ” “On day two we hoped to to go back to to our fish ” said Creech “Something had changed they weren’t there I don’t know if they went deeper or what So we we had to do do a lot of running ” 

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